• Designing to Win - Building the First 3D Printed Battlebot

    Seven years ago, I was approached by one of my high school teachers, Mr. Sipos, asking if I had any interest in competing in a battle bot organization. I agreed, without any hesitation, to what has become a full circle life experience. I would have

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  • Open Sourced Curriculum

    One of our primary missions at The Additive Project is to provide free, flexible curriculums and lesson plans that anyone can use within their programs. As part of this initiative, and in an effort to promote and develop a broader community, we are publishing

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  • Luck and Serendipity

    In 2012 I was attending the Business Innovation Factory conference in Providence, Rhode Island. Attending the conference was a last minute thing that a good friend encouraged me to do and, frankly, I had no idea what to

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Mar 3 15, 05:00 pm
Build Your Own 3D Printed Mars Curiosity Rover Featuring LED Lights, All-Wheel Drive & Steering 3dprint.com/47745/3d-print…
Mar 2 15, 05:14 pm
Brand new @printrbot in house doing its magic. pic.twitter.com/F5oA2dRYqM