PROJECT: Custom Image Project Module 2 Custom Keychain


Use the custom shape created in module 1 to create a unique keychain or pendant.


  • Reinforce How to Extrude Objects
  • Reinforce How to Merge Objects
  • Reinforce How to Subtract Objects


  • Custom Keychain Options
  • Option 1 Custom Keychain Base
  • Option 2 Custom Keychain Detail
  • Option 3 Custom Base and Detail
  • Custom Keychain Options

    There are several options for ways you could use your new skills to create a custom keychain or pendant. Outlined and available to follow along are just a couple options but feel free to set out on your own for other unique options.

    Option 1: Custom shaped base as keychain or pendant

    Option 2: Custom shape added to or subtracted from Keychain Template base

    Option 3: Custom shaped base and custom detail added or subtracted

  • Option 1 Custom Keychain Base

    This option is good if you chose a large solid image that is one continuous shape. Make sure there are no floating parts that will not be connected when printed.

    Step 1: EXTRUDE the shape to desired thickness

    Step 2: IMPORT Keychain File + DELETE obsolete objects - This step will help you validate the scale of the object you have created. You may need to scale your object down to be in line with the existing files.

    An advanced option is to add a loop** to your object by creating a new shape and merging to maintain the initial shape of the object.

    Step 3: SELECT the Key Ring Opening Object and PLACE it where desired

    Step 4: SUBTRACT the Cylinder

    Step 5: EXPORT STL of object

    If more detailed instructions are required you can follow along the Custom Image Project step by step, substituting your new shapes where appropriate.

  • Option 2 Custom Keychain Detail

    This option works well for detailed images that have floating shapes that will work better added or subtracted from another shape.

    Step 1: EXTRUDE the Shape

    Step 2: HIDE SKETCH, GROUP shapes + SAVE your file

    Step 3: OPEN Keychain File

    Step 4: DELETE Objects

    Step 5: MOVE Custom Shape

    Step 6: SCALE the Custom Shape

    Step 7: MERGE/SUBTRACT the Custom Shape + Keychain

    Step 8: PLACE Cutout Object

    Step 9: SUBTRACT Key Ring Opening

  • Option 3 Custom Base and Detail

    This option is for layering the two options together. For this option, follow the steps in Option 1 for creating the base, and then the steps in Option 2 for adding or subtracting the detail from the custom base you created.