PROJECT: Custom Image Project Module 2 Custom Box


Use the custom shape created in module 1 to create a unique box.


  • Reinforce How to Extrude Objects
  • Reinforce How to Merge Objects
  • Reinforce How to Subtract Objects


  • Custom Box Project
  • Option 1 Custom Box Shape
  • Option 2 Custom Box Detail
  • Option 3 Custom Box Shape and Detail
  • Custom Box Project

    There are several options for ways you could use your new skills to create a custom box. Outlined and available to follow along are just a couple options but feel free to set out on your own for other unique options.

    Option 1: Custom shaped as box shape

    Option 2: Custom shape added or subtracted from box shape templates

    Option 3: Custom shaped box and custom detail added or subtracted

  • Option 1 Custom Box Shape

    This option is good if you chose a large solid image that is one continuous shape. Make sure there are no floating parts that will not be connected when printed.

    Step 1: In Home View, SELECT the shape. Find the Construct Tool on the popup and SELECT Extrude. An arrow will appear above the shape. DRAG the arrow upwards or TYPE to extrude to 10mm.

    Step 2: SELECT the top face of the object. A green highlight ensures only the face is selected. Use the Modify Tool in the popup toolbar and SELECT Shell. The interior of the shape will be shelled out from the face. TYPE in a thickness of 1mm in the popup.

    Step 3: MOVE the shelled object away from the sketch.

    Step 4: SELECT the sketch and the Extrude Tool from the popup and TYPE in 2mm for the lid. SELECT the top face of the new object, locate the Shell Tool, TYPE a width 0.1mm larger than the bottom.

    Step 5: SELECT the inside face of the object, making sure that only this is highlighted. SELECT Push/Pull from the popup menu and PULL the arrow upwards to extrude the face above the shell. This extruded area now becomes the plug that will keep the lid in place.

  • Option 2 Custom Box Detail

    Follow the instructions in the Option 1 for either a custom box + lid or for a standard, primitive shape. The lid is currently printing inside up. Now that we are going to add detail to the lid it makes more sense for the top to be up for the print process.

    Step 1: SELECT Insert from the drop down toolbar and navigate to your saved image file. Once the image is inserted, SELECT the Move Tool and DRAG it over to the lid object. MOVE the object to the appropriate height from a side view. (Not shown.)

    Step 2: SELECT Scale: Non Uniform. Three fields will appear in the toolbar, allowing you to adjust the height (X), width (Y), and depth (Z). Two white arrows (since you are in the Top view, you cannot see the depth arrow) will also appear on the object. MANIPULATE the arrows to adjust the size of the shape until it has the dimensions and placement you like. (Not shown.)

    Step 3: Switch to a side so you can view the orientation better. GRAB the rotate handle and spin the lid 180 degrees so that you can see the indent for the inside of the box on the bottom and your custom shape on the top.

  • Option 3 Custom Box Shape and Detail

    Follow the instructions in Option 1 to create a custom box shape and lid. Follow the instructions in Option 2 if you are using a custom image. Shown here are steps or placing text on a custom box lid.

    Step 1. SELECT the Text Tool from the top toolbar and enter your desired text. Extrude to a depth greater than that of the lid (we used 4mm). ROTATE to Home view and locate the Grouping Tool on the top toolbar. SELECT all lettering; ENTER.

    Step 2. Switch to a side view and ROTATE the lettering 180 degrees. HIDE SKETCH on the right toolbar.

    Step 3. Using the Move Tool, SELECT the lettering and DRAG it to the box lid. SELECT the Scale Tool from the top toolbar and scale along the X and Y axes to achieve the appropriate proportions. Use the Move Tool as necessary to get the right placement.

    Step 4. SHIFT + CLICK to SELECT all lettering. Locate the Combine Tool on the top toolbar and SELECT Subtract; ENTER to complete the process.