Open Sourced Curriculum

One of our primary missions at The Additive Project is to provide free, flexible curriculums and lesson plans that anyone can use within their programs. As part of this initiative, and in an effort to promote and develop a broader community, we are publishing the source files for these projects on GitHub so that anybody can download them, modify them and suggest changes to the programs.

Our belief is that, while we are happy with our curriculum, the broader community working together can help us develop a more effective set of lesson plans or even modify the existing content for use in classroom scenarios that we haven’t envisioned. Through the use of a system such as GitHub, we hope to provide a version control mechanism that will allow us to fluidly integrate suggested changes and solicit comments on the programs in an effort to constantly improve them for the community.

In addition to our GitHub site, we are also inviting the community to comment directly on the project pages. We value feedback and comments that are aimed at improving our process and program and look to building a community that thrives and grows.