The Additive Project’s mission is to engage underserved young people with STEAM fields and entrepreneurship by creating and disseminating experiential learning systems that are adaptive, collaborative and replicable.


The Additive Project was created to help connect underserved youth with the basic concepts of the STEAM fields and entrepreneurship. Large segments of the school age population lack competence in these important fields. While many dedicated educators and organizations work in this space, we determined a distinct need for free, easily accessible and easily approachable supplemental learning and teaching tools.

Our Goal

By creating flexible, open-sourced, project-based curricula that can be offered in-schools, in non-traditional learning environments, and as independent learning tools, our goal is to foster genuine interest and engagement in – and even ownership of – STEAM and entrepreneurial concepts among the widest possible demographic. Our role is to design these curricula and disseminate them to communities of practice that can continue to improve and adapt them for the best possible outcomes.

3D Curriculum – Beginner

The Additive Project launched with a curriculum that allows teachers and other educators to quickly grasp the 3D printing process and pass it along to young people both in and out of school. In recent years and months, 3D printing has gained much notice in the press and public. It has undoubtedly already transformed prototyping, manufacturing, and engineering and will continue to change many other industries, from health care and construction to the arts, design, and even fashion.


At the heart of the Additive Project is our community of users and participants that help shape our curriculum and provide a positive experience for students. We are always looking to expand and engage with our community be it through sharing and developing our content or working to help build a viable, lasting educational program. Interested in helping? Please contact us and let us know!

Team Members

Eric Bio
Eric Brown
Eric Brown has been interested in the intersection of technology and education since he first explored the Challenger Learning Center while volunteering at the Museum of Flight in Seattle Washington. Inspired, he began pursuing a career in interactive museum design that landed him at Carnegie Mellon University's Entertainment Technology Center. While pursuing his Masters Degree he co-founded ImpactGames focusing on technology, engagement and social good. As an artist, designer, technologist and entrepreneur he is excited and inspired by The Additive Project's mission merging all of his passions and hopes it will inspire others to do the same.
Kris Rockwell Bio Photo
Kris Rockwell
An entrepreneur in the Learning and Development industry for the past eleven years, Kris was first introduced to 3D printing in 2007 and was immediately enthralled by its potential both as a technology in its own right and as an engagement tool. While attending a conference in 2012, Kris was inspired to formalize his concept of creating a non-profit organization that used 3D printing to promote Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM) principles as well as entrepreneurship. This dream is being realized with the formation and launch of The Additive Project.
Colin de Paor
Colin de Paor
Additive Rockstar
Colin has been working in various non-profits for over a decade, holding program development and fundraising positions in educational, media, economic development and arts organizations. As an ardent proponent of collaborative effort and educational innovation, and as a person who just likes to make stuff, The Additive Project sparked Colin's interest immediately. He is eager to see Additive become an effective instrument for building confidence and fostering creativity in young people around STEAM entrepreneurship.